Acknowledgement guidelines

We encourage all NECTAR COST Action participants to communicate their work and results to a wide array of audiences, including non-scientific ones. In this communication, which includes peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals, posters, books and talks (among others), contribution and funding of the NECTAR COST Action shall be recognised.

In the case of articles in scientific journals, the following formula must be included in the acknowledgement section:

This contribution is based upon work from COST Action CA18202, NECTAR − Network for Equilibria and Chemical Thermodynamics Advanced Research, supported by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology).

In the case of posters used for dissemination of results that benefit either, directly or indirectly, from COST funding, the COST logotype, the name and the code of the NECTAR Action (CA18202), as well as the EU emblem and the text "Funded by the European Union", must be included following the Guidelines for COST actions and employing the official logotypes.

In order to facilitate the correct acknowledgement of COST funding, here you can find a selection of guidelines and resources which includes the COST co-branding rules, the official logotypes to be used and the NECTAR communication short guide prepared by Working Group 5.

Guidelines for COST Actions to acknowledge COST as a funding source
COST Logo Package (2021, ZIP, 24.2MB)
Horizon Europe Logo Package (2021, ZIP, 10.4MB)
NECTAR communication short guide

For any questions about the guidelines or the use of COST corporate identity elements in particular, please contact the Science Communication Manager of our action Elzbieta Gumienna-Kontecka ( or the WG5 leaders Natalia Busto ( and Álvaro Martínez-Camarena (

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