1st European NECTAR Conference

Belgrade, March 5th-6th 2020

The thermodynamic study of chemical equilibria represents the core of many important branches of Chemistry. Speciation modelling based on chemical equilibrium data is commonly used as a predictive tool for the behaviour of compounds in different systems, and it thus represents an invaluable resource in a wide range of applications with high economic and technological impact: to improve the performance of commercial products; to disclose the mobility of pollutants and toxicants in the environment; to optimize industrial processes; to support and explain the mode of action of biologically active substances. Furthermore, advanced cutting-edge thermodynamic evidence yields deeper insights into the mechanisms of all these interactions.

NECTAR combines the expertise of a large community of specialists working in this field within a vivid network based on the stimulating collaboration between them, promoting knowledge exchange, and thriving to achieve further technological progress. The outstanding quality of gathered results will serve as an innovative benchmark for next decades, allowing their application in a variety of areas and surely impacting life quality of next generations.

More than a scientific workshop where the main results obtained within several working groups involved in NECTAR are presented, the 2nd European NECTAR Conference will be a moment of joyful reencounter, invigorating in-person scientific discussion and deepened engagement, all this with the outstanding "Lisbon light" as host and one of the most beautiful European cities as background.

Rectorate of Belgrade University
Kapetan MiĊĦino zdanje
Studentski trg 1, Belgrade, Serbia

To get full information about the application procedure and the meeting details, please do not hesitate to contact us using the mail adresses: 1stnectar@dh.uns.ac.rs and info@cost-nectar.eu.
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Important Downloadable Documents
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