3rd European NECTAR Conference

Ljubljana, August 24th-26th 2022

The thermodynamic study of chemical equilibria represents the core of many important branches of Chemistry.

Speciation modelling based on chemical equilibrium data is commonly used as a predictive tool for the behaviour of compounds in different environments, and thus, improves commercial products’ performance; discloses the mobility of pollutants and toxicants in the environment; optimizes industrial processes and explains the mode of action of biologically active substances. Furthermore, advanced thermodynamic studies yield deeper insights into the mechanisms of these interactions.

In NECTAR, the expertise of the large community of specialists working in this field is combined, creating a network based on the stimulating collaboration between them, promoting knowledge exchange, and achieving high technological progress.

The outstanding quality of obtained results will serve as an innovative benchmark for next decades, allowing their application in a variety of areas and impacting life quality of next generations.

During the 3rd European NECTAR Conference, main results obtained within NECTAR Working Groups will be presented.

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